• Damaged wings and broken things
    They say hindsight is 20/20. You can pick apart each memory as they cling to you, searching for the good ones, lost in the sadness of the inimical memories, unable to stop. Stop searching for the what ifs, the nonexistent mistakes. Stop searching through your brain. Stop torturing your heart. Memory is the the ability to take in information, store it, and recall it at a later time. Memories are inevitable, often wonderful; a short moment to reminisce of good times past. It’s when the rose-colored glasses fall away, leaving you with the gripping agony of what I could haveContinue reading “Damaged wings and broken things”
  • The shadow of the moon
    Terror. Shredding my insides, turning my legs into jello, the shock in my system causing me to freeze. I stood there frozen, if only for a millisecond. I reached out my hand to grab her arm only to grasp thin air. I was too late. A millisecond too late as I watched her go over the cliff, her scream piercing my ears, her voice chanting my name: Aeleria. I watched helpless as her body went boneless and slammed into the unforgiving concrete below. It was just a dare. It was just a dare.  I woke up in a cold sweat,Continue reading “The shadow of the moon”
  • Chasing the highs
    This is going to be multiple parts!!! I can’t wait to share this work with you all. Time. Simply a measurement of the occurrences we perceive around us. And yet, it’s one of the only things that can make any man go mad, the phenomenon that we all chase into the sunset while looking behind us at what can never again be. Time. never enough of it and always too much, the longest years, but the shortest of good times. The good never lasts, and the bad never seems to leave.     The past is inevitable, full of memories, oftenContinue reading “Chasing the highs”
  • Shadowed emotions
    It was dark, the clouds a blanket of sadness covering the beacons of hope in the sky. The rain was coming down in sheets, the drops falling down so hard and so quickly it was blurring my vision. The frigid december air was biting at my skin, creating shivers that wracked my body, torturing my already fragile psyche. Just like it had come, the adrenaline rush had disappeared, leaving me standing in the rain, blood covering my face, splattered drops against my crisp white shirt. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, I didn’t mean for it to go thisContinue reading “Shadowed emotions”
  • Leaving you
    The air was cold, a sign of the bleak seasons to come. The wind had a chill to it, one that passed through my thin jacket, exposing me, leaving me cold with the bitter taste of vulnerability on my tongue. The jacket was an old one, one my dad had purchased for a long forgotten birthday years past. I clung to it, clung to the sense of normality and comfort that it provided. It was a folly. Nothing brought me comfort these days. The hyperventilating breaths of frosty air, and the fresh tears making their way down my face wereContinue reading “Leaving you”
Hi!!! I’m Paige! This is me^^^ I’m. 17 year old aspiring author. I would love if you would give my writing a read!! ❤

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